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The Magna Carta category is used by the Magna Carta Project as a tracking category of profiles in a project-reviewed/approved trail. Descendant categories are used to track profiles in a trail to a particular Surety Baron.

This category is automatically added by the main Magna Carta project box, which is added to profiles on a project-reviewed/approved trail between a Gateway Ancestor and a Surety Baron. The project boxes for Gateway Ancestors, Surety Barons, and Illustrious Men also add this category. All of the Surety Barons and Illustrious Men have their project boxes. All Richardson-documented Gateway Ancestors are in the Gateway Ancestors category, but the Gateway Ancestor project box is not added until the Gateway is in a project-reviewed/approved trail to a Surety Baron (using the Trail Pending project box until it is). See Magna Carta Template Trail and Template:Magna Carta for more information about the project boxes.

By selecting the "Limit to Watchlist" option at the top of the page, you can use this category to check your watchlist for Magna Carta-badged profiles (see the project's Glossary for an explanation of the project's use of the term "badged").

Reviewed trails

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See also Base Camp and Trail Tracks.

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