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Magna Carta Project

The category is used by the Magna Carta project as a tracking category of profiles in a project-reviewed/approved trail. Descendant categories are used to track profiles in a trail to a particular Surety Baron.
This category is automatically added by the main Magna Carta project box, which is added to profiles on a project-reviewed/approved trail between a Gateway Ancestor and a Surety Baron. The project boxes for Gateway Ancestors, Surety Barons, and Illustrious Men also add this category. All of the Surety Barons and Category:Illustrious Men have their project boxes. All Richardson-documented Gateway Ancestors are in the Gateway Ancestors category, but the project box is not added until the Gateway is in a project-reviewed/approved trail to a Surety Baron. (See Space:Magna Carta: Template Trail for more information about the project boxes.)
By selecting the "Limit to Watchlist" option, you can use this category to check on your Magna Carta-badged profiles (see the Space:Magna_Carta_Project_Glossary for an explanation).

Reviewed trails

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See also Base Camp and Trail Tracks.

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