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This Magna Carta Project category is added to a profile automatically by the {{Magna Carta|Trail Pending}} project box and the {{Magna Carta Project}} maintenance sticker, which are designed to help the project work toward its primary goal of having a project-reveiwed/approved trail between a Magna Carta Surety Baron and each of the 200+ Gateway Ancestors documented in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry.[1]

Profiles in this category should have a "Magna Carta Project" section noting the anchors of the trail (Gateway and Baron) and the profile's status. For examples you can copy/paste into a profile, see this page. Profiles in this category will have the Magna Carta Project Account on the trusted list (with the sticker) or as manager (with the project box), placing the profile on the project's watchlist and allowing project members and affiliates to monitor these profiles until they are "badged" as part of a completed, project-reviewed/approved trail (see the project's Glossary for an explanation of terms used, such as "badged" and see this WikiTree Help page for more information about project-managed profiles).

Generally, profiles in this category should be

  • Gateway Ancestors listed by Richardson but not yet with a badged trail,
  • part of a trail identified at Base Camp that is being developed by a project member, or
  • awaiting review/approval to extend an existing trail.

Questions? See Base Camp for more information about Magna Carta trails. For more information about Magna Carta Project maintenance categories, see this page. You can also contact the project: see the project page's "Contact Us" section.

  1. Douglas Richardson, Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, Royal Ancestry series, 2nd edition, 4 vols., ed. Kimball G. Everingham (Salt Lake City, Utah: the author, 2011), Vol I, pp xxiii-xxix

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