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Categories: Magna Carta Project

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Pages in this category - Category:Magna Carta Project Current Pages - are project pages of the Magna Carta Project that are currently being used and have been reviewed to be up to date (they should have a "Reviewed" date/person notation at the bottom of the page). Pages in the Legacy Pages category may have information of interest to project members but are either not currently in use or need to be updated (check the review comments).

The project is working on an overhaul of its project pages. Because the Magna Carta Project began several years ago, and has had several leadership teams, it has a LOT of project pages - some current, some not. Sorting project pages into "Current" and "Legacy" is the first step. ~ Liz Shifflett, 3 August 2019

The parent category, Category:Magna Carta Project, contains project members and project pages that have not yet been sorted into either this category or Category:Magna Carta Project Legacy Pages.

This is an active Magna Carta Project category with up-to-date information.
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