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This maintenance category of the Magna Carta Project is for profiles on the project's watchlist that are ready for project review and approval as part of a trail between a Magna Carta Surety Baron and a Magna Carta Gateway Ancestor. Go through the project's review checklist before adding a profile to this category. Also, the text should include information about the profile's trail, or potential trails (see the example below).

This category should be added using the Magna Carta Project sticker, which should be placed beside a section below Acknowledgements (one of four second-level headings allowed, see this G2G discussion) at the bottom of the biography that has, at a minimum, links to the Gateway and Surety Baron the profile may link to & the date and by whom the profile was developed. For example:

== Acknowledgements ==
=== Magna Carta Project ===
{{Magna Carta Project|needs=Review and Approval}}
: '''Magna Carta trail''''

Magna Carta project logo
... ... has Magna Carta connections.
: This profile is awaiting review and approval by the [[Project:Magna_Carta|Magna Carta project]]. It has been developed in accordance with project standards (by [[WikiTree-ID|Your Name]], 27 October 2017) as part of the trail between [[:Category:Gateway_Ancestors|Gateway Ancestor]] [[Booth-1645|Thomas Booth]] and [[:Category:Surety_Barons|Magna Carta Surety Baron]] [[Bohun-7|Henry de Bohun]]. See [[Space:Magna_Carta_Team_Base_Camp|Base Camp]] for more information about Magna Carta trails.</nowiki>

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  • John Hopton Esq. abt 1405 Blythburgh Manor, Westwood, Suffolk, England - 10 Nov 1478

H cont.

  • William Hopton abt 1431 Westwood (in Blythburgh), Suffolk, England - 7 Jul 1484


  • Thomas Lewknor abt 1444 Horsted Keynes, Sussex, England - 20 Jul 1484
  • Gabriel Ludlow abt 27 Aug 1634 Warminster, Wiltshire, England - 1690
  • Thomas Ludlow abt 1555 Hill Deveril, Wiltshire, England - before 25 Nov 1607



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