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This category contains the categories and pages associated with historical events and persons of the US state of Maine.

Maine Timeline according to WikiPedia:

  • 1622 - Provincial Patent - "North America between the 40th and the 48th parallels "from sea to sea"
  • 1629 - Provincial Split - "split the patent at the Piscataqua River, with...the land south of the river as the Province of New Hampshire."
  • 1639 - Provincial Patent - "...a renewed patent, the Gorges Patent, for the area between the Piscataqua and Kennebec Rivers."
  • 1650 - Maine as Massachusetts - "in the 1650s the nearby Massachusetts Bay Colony asserted territorial claims over what is now southern Maine, and by
  • 1658 - "...had completely absorbed what is now southwestern Maine into York County, Massachusetts."
  • 1760 - "with Cumberland and Lincoln counties carved out of its eastern portions."
  • 1780 - District of Maine - "Massachusetts...created the District of Maine to manage its eastern territories."
  • 1805 - Portions of Oxford County - "...the northern portion of York County was separated to form part of Oxford County."
  • 1820 - Statehood for Maine - and "...When Maine achieved statehood in 1820 all of the counties of the District of Maine became counties of Maine."

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