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La maison de Bourbon-Orléans est une branche cadette de la maison de Bourbon. Elle comporte deux branches:

  • Les Bourbon-Orléans issus de Gaston de France, duc d'Orléans, fils cadet de Henri IV et Marie de Médicis (éteinte: Gaston n'a eu que des filles)
  • Les Bourbon-Orléans issus de Philippe, duc d'Orléans, frère cadet de Louis XIV, d'où sont issus Louis-Philippe Ier, roi des Français et ses descendants "comtes de Paris" (parmi les prétendants actuels au trône de France).
House of Bourbon-Orléans

The last cadet branch to hold the ducal title descended from Henri de Bourbon, duc de Vendôme (Henry IV of France), who became king (nominally) in 1589, and is sometimes known as the "House of Bourbon-Orléans" (Maison de Bourbon-Orléans). From 1709 until the French Revolution the Orléans dukes were next in the order of succession to the French throne after members of the seniormost branch of the House of Bourbon, descended from Louis XIV. Louis XIII's younger brother and younger son were granted the dukedom successively in 1626 and 1660, and since they had contemporaneous living descendants, there were actually two Bourbon-Orléans branches at court during the reign of Louis XIV.

The elder of these branches consisted of Gaston, duc d'Orléans, younger son of Henry IV, and the four daughters of his two marriages. The junior and final House of Orléans descended from Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, Louis XIV's younger brother (who, as such, was known at court simply as Monsieur). Although Louis XIV's direct descendants retained the throne, his brother Philippe's descendants flourished until the end of the French monarchy, held the crown from 1830 to 1848, and are still extant as pretenders.

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  • Teresa Cordova abt 1798 Palermo, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy - 17 Feb 1892



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