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In 1161 or thereabouts, a Jewish writer in Narbonne named Abraham ibn Daud included in his writing, sefer ha-kabballah (Voice of Tradition) that a Jewish rabbi named Makhir was brought from Babylon at the request of Charlemagne. This Makhir was an exilarch who ruled the Jewish community in Babylon on behalf of the Muslim caliph, and as an exilarch Makhir could trace his ancestry back to King David. Charlemagne gave Makhir a prominent place in the governance of Narbonne, a port on the southern coast of France, from where Makhir produced descendants in both Christian and Jewish communities.

The legend serves to provide descendants with an impressive heredity. However, while there may or may not have been an actual person named Makhir in Babylon, there is no record of such a person being brought to Europe, given privileges in Narbonne, or producing descendants in the local aristocaracy. Detail of the legend, its development, and its impact, with sources, is provided in the Space: Legend of Makhir of Narbonne.

This category is intended to group the profiles in Wikitree of both real and legendary persons who have been touched by this legend.

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abt 0695 Autun, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France - 0720
abt 0755 Northern France - 28 May 0812
abt 0720 France - Feb 0782


0699 Baghdad, Mesopotamia, Ummayid Caliphate - 0773
abt 0683 Baghdad, Ummayid Caliphate - abt 0770
abt 0672 Pembeditha, Babylonia, Ummayid Caliphate - abt 0739 photo


1420 Normandie, France photo
abt 0750 - abt 0820
1355 Normandy, France - 1410 photo
abt 0683 Pembeditha, Babylon Persia - 0770

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1455 Rouen, Normandie, France photo
abt 1300 Rouen, Normandy - 1380 photo
1175 Lyon, France - 1240 photo
abt 1230 Normandie, France - 1300 photo


abt 1212 St Etienne, Ardeche, Rhone-Alpes, France - 1280 photo




abt 0710 Autun, Soane et Loire, Bourgogne, France - 0750


abt 0698 France - abt 31 Dec 0715

M cont.

abt 0712 Chelles, Seine-et-Marie, France - 0741


abt 0725 Babylonia, Ummayid Caliphate
0669 Pembeditha, Babylon - 0690



abt 0750 Narbonne - aft 0791


abt 0770 Schwaben, Kelheim, Bayern, Germany - abt 0804

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