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Most Americans bearing the surname Maple/Mapel are believed to be descendants of Benjamin Maple Sr, who died in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1727. The goal of this study is to create a common family tree for Benjamin's descendants, using well documented primary references, and to use DNA evidence to verify relationships and help fill in gaps. lf you have MAPLE ancestors, please join the Maple Surname Study. We also welcome input from MAPLE family members in the United Kingdom. Even if, as likely, you can't connect to Benjamin Maple Sr, we'd love to learn about your family histories.

Go to Space: Maple Surname Study to view the study page. There you can ask/answer questions or post relevant information.

See Space: Maple DNA for a summary of DNA findings.

See Space: MAPLE Y-DNA Haplogroup to find how you can help us determine the path by which the MAPLE paternal line migrated through Europe into England and to the United States.

Please do not put Maple profiles in this category, but if you are participating in the study, please DO add the Maple Name Study category to YOUR own profile, This will create a link to your profile below, which researchers can follow to see notes that you have placed on your profile concerning DNA connections or other research interests. (See Bruce Maple)

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