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We assume that most Marvins in the United States are descendants of the two Marvin immigrants described here. This Marvin Name Study is specifically for those who can trace their ancestry back to one of them.

The name Marvin is found in several counties of England as early as the beginning of the fifteenth century. Of various families bearing this name who are mentioned in the Visitations of Wilts, Somerset, Hampshire, and others, perhaps the most prominent in the fifteenth century was that of Sir John Marvin, of Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire, who was the grand son of a Richard Marvyn, who died in the seventeenth year of Henry VI. This family had branches in the neighboring southern counties, notably at Pertwood, not far from the Dorset boundary ; in Wormister, Somerset, and in other parishes in that vicinity. The fine estate of Fonthill Abbey, in the parish of Hindon, held by Marvins for more than two centuries, long since passed out of the name ; the Pertwood branch is believed to be extinct in the male line of descent ; Sir Henry Marvyn Vavasour, Baronet, of Spaldington, was its representative in 1868. No connection between the Marvins of Wiltshire and those of Essex, where our ancestors were living two centuries before the emigration to New England, has been found. The first of the name who came with the intention of making his home in New England was Matthew, who arrived in 1635, probably landing at Boston in June of that year. There had been at least one Marvin in America before him, for a " Master Maruyn " was one of Sir Walter Raleigh's colony in 1585, and remained " one whole year in Virginia, under the Government of Master Ralph Line.'" From what part of England he came has not been learned, but he certainly was not of our direct ancestral line, and his party seems to have returned to England 1 8 June, 1586. Matthew Marvin was followed to New England about two years later by his elder brother Reinold, or Reginold, as his name is often given on the early records. The precise time of his arrival, and the name of the vessel in which he came, have not been ascertained : his estate was charged with the " Ship Money Tax" in Essex, in 1637, in which year he was living in Great Bentley, but he was a resident of Hartford, Ct., in 1638, whither Matthew had preceded him, the latter being " one of the twelve very earliest emigrants" whose names are known, and one of those who "formed the company thereafter known as ' Adventurers,' to whom belonged the section of about thirty- five acres known as 'Venturers' Field', on the Hartford records." Matthew therefore was in Hartford as early as November, 1635.

Primary Source Information

Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin, of Hartford, CT, 1638 and 1635, Sons of Edward Marvin of Great Bentley, England – by George Franklin Marvin of New York and William T. R. Marvin of Boston, T. R. Marvin and Son, Publishers, 73 Federal Street, Boston 1904 - Copyright 1904, T. R. Marvin and son, Boston, Mass. - Reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, Mass. 01970.

Sources used in this publication among others: 1) Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin, by Theophilus R. Marvin printed in 1845 and 1848, 2) New England Genealogical and Historical Register, Volume XVI, pp. 235 et seq. 3) The English Ancestry of Reinold and Matthew . Marvin, published 1900, and in-person research by the authors and others that collaborated on this publication.

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  • John Marvin abt 2 Sep 1678 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut - 24 Feb 1774
  • Joseph Marvin 29 May 1724 Norwalk, New London, Connecticut Colony - 28 Apr 1777
  • Matthew Marvin 26 Mar 1600 Great Bentley, Essex, England - before 13 Jul 1680
  • Matthew Marvin Jr. 15 Sep 1626 Great Bentley, Ramsey, Essex, England - abt 1712

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