Category: McAdoo-199 Alpha Candidate

Categories: McAdoo-199

Sub-Cat: Alpha_Candidate - possible immigrant on the path from Scotland to Ulster to North America.

This is one Sub-Category of my top level Personal Category, McAdoo-199. I use it in my research, not only of my McAdoo ancestors, but ALL of the members of the McAdoo family together with the surname's variant spellings such as McAdow, McAdoe, Macadoo, Makado, and similar. I use sub-categories to tag selected McAdoo profiles, and McAdoo related profiles, in order to connect leads, explore relationships, and flag possible connections. This facilitates my research on McAdoos and their origins and migrations.

As I use them the terms: Ulster means the old counties of Ulster province but also includes anywhere else in present-day Northern Ireland UK and the Republic of Ireland; and North America includes the present-day USA, Canada, and the West Indies.

I identify profiles tagged with this sub-category as persons who were probably immigrants along the path from Scotland to Ulster, Scotland to North America, and Ulster to North America; and tag their profile accordingly. By probably immigrants, I mean that there is documentation of residence or a life event occurring in Ulster or North America but the birth location or other life event for the person indicates a different country.

Until an Alpha McAdoo is connected to the other McAdoo branches of the family tree in Scotland, Ulster, or North America, most Alpha_Candidate McAdoos are often also sub-categorized as a Tree_Top McAdoo, the head of a new branch or family line in the arrival country, not yet connected to other ancestral McAdoo branches.

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abt 1718 Ulster, Ireland - abt 1801

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