Category: McAdoo-199 Tree Top

Categories: McAdoo-199

Sub-Cat: Tree_Top - documented McAdoo whose parents ID/origin are unknown.

This is one Sub-Category of my top level Personal Category, McAdoo-199. I use it in my research, not only of my McAdoo ancestors, but ALL of the members of the McAdoo family together with the surname's variant spellings such as McAdow, McAdoe, Macadoo, Makado, and similar. I use sub-categories to tag selected McAdoo profiles, and McAdoo related profiles, in order to connect leads, explore relationships, and flag possible connections. This facilitates my research on McAdoos and their origins and migrations.

Profiles tagged with this sub-category indicate persons who I recognize as the top of a branch of the McAdoo tree with known descendants; but for whom there are no, or low confidence, names of parents or the place of origin of the parents. I tag such profiles accordingly. Some people call these Brick Walls or Dead Ends, but these terms seem derogatory to me. After all its the user's own Brick Wall or Dead End, not the ancestor's. He or she knew who they were.

McAdoo-199 03:48, 1 September 2016 (EDT)

Person Profiles (2)

abt 1718 Ulster, Ireland - abt 1801
abt 1716 Scotland - 02 Nov 1752

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