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Members of Parliament for Worcestershire

Worcestershire was a county constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England then of the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800 and of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1832. It was represented by two Members of Parliament (MPs), traditionally known as Knights of the Shire.

The constituency was split into two two-member divisions, for Parliamentary purposes, by the Reform Act 1832. The county was then represented by the East Worcestershire and West Worcestershire constituencies.

This category is for those profiles that represent Members of Parliament who sat for the Worcestershire constituency in any Parliament.


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  • Henry Arden abt 1346 Parkhall, Warwickshire, England - 1382
  • Ralph Arden abt 1374 Park Hall,Castle Bromwich,Warwickshire,England - 30 Aug 1420
  • Edward Ashe MP abt 1609 Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England - 31 Oct 1656





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  • Thomas Foley MP before 3 Dec 1617 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England - 1 Oct 1677




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