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The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland

The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland by HRH Prince Michael of Albany is sometimes provided as a source for genealogies. There have been several editions, the first in England in 1998; others in Boston: (Elements Publishing) in 2000

The author Michel Roger Lafosse, known as "Michael James Alexander Stewart of Albany" or "HRH Prince Michael of Albany" claims to be a descendant of Charles Edward Stuart and to be the legitimate Jacobite claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Scotland. His book The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland: The True Story of the Royal House of Stewart and the Hidden Lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scots first published in Shaftesbury, England in 1998, has proved to be a work of fiction, claiming to provide previously unknown accounts of the life of Charles Edward Stuart including previously unknown marriages and births within the Royal House of Stuart.

Web sites such as The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland by supporters such as Laurence Gardner who wrote on subjects including the Jesus bloodline, anti-gravity and the cloning of Adam and Eve; exist in support of the genealogies constructed by Lafosse


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