Category: Migrants from Östergötland County to New Jersey

Categories: Östergötland County, Emigrants to United States | New Jersey, Immigrants from Sweden

Name: Migrants from AdminEntity to AdminEntity
From Country:Sweden
From Entity:Östergötland County
To Country:United States
To Entity:New Jersey
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The purpose of this category is to gather the emigrants born in Östergötland County, Sweden who settled in New Jersey, United States.

Östergötland County is located in Götaland region and is geographically identical with Östergötland Province but it also contains small parts of the provinces Närke, Småland and Södermanland. The county code for Östergötland County is the letter E and there is about 173 parishes in the county.

Person Profiles (2)

05 May 1882 Nybygget, Västra Ny, Östergötland, Sverige
03 Apr 1886 Kattfallet, Åsanby, Västra Ny, Östergötland, Sverige

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