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Name: Migrants from AdminEntity to AdminEntity
From Country:Sweden
From Entity:Kristianstad County
To Country:United States
To Entity:Iowa
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The purpose of this category is to gather the emigrants born in Kristianstad County, Sweden who emigrated to Iowa, United States. It should only be used on profiles who emigrated before 1997.

Kristianstad County was a county of its own until it was merged with Malmöhus county to form the new Skåne county on January 1, 1997.

The county was located in Götaland and consisted geographically of parts of Skåne province and small parts of Halland province. The county code for Kristianstad was the letter L and it had about 135 parishes in the county.

Person Profiles (8)

19 Dec 1892 Vä 6, Kristianstads län, Sverige
21 Aug 1845 Glemminge, Kristianstad, Sverige - 23 Apr 1926
03 Nov 1849 Glemminge, Kristianstad, Sverige - aft 17 Dec 1923
06 Dec 1864 Ströfvelstorp, Södra Åsbo, Kristianstad, Sweden - 23 Jan 1920
18 Oct 1879 Åhus, Kristianstad, Sweden - 31 Jan 1962
03 Oct 1894 Träne, Kristianstads län, Sverige
18 Jul 1839 Norra Strö, Kristianstad, Sweden - 12 Dec 1912
10 Aug 1859 Hammar, Nosaby, Kristianstads län, Sverige

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