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The town of Milford, early called Wepowaug, was founded in 1639, as part of the Colony of New Haven. They were the first town to vote unanimously to join Connecticut Colony in 1664. New Haven Colonies official submission date was Dec. 14, 1664.

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The Founding of Milford

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The mouth of the Wepawaug River was first noticed in 1637, by soldiers pursuing the Pequot Indians, specifically by Sergeant Thomas Tibbals. Rev. Peter Prudden and a group of his parishioners came from England, spent a year in Massachusetts, where Prudden gained some more followers from Dorchester and Roxbury. Then in 1638, Rev. Prudden and his now expanded group settled in the Quinnipiac Plantation (New Haven) with the Rev. Davenport. Peter Prudden also preached in Wethersfield and there attracted more followers. When Sgt. Tibbals suggested the mouth of the Wepawaug, a group traveled there, to purchase land from the sachem of the Paugusset Indians. The tract was bounded by the East (Indian) River on the east, the Housatonic River on the West, the Sound on the south (including an Island called Poquahaug (Charles), and on the north by the “two mile Indian Path that goeth to Paugusset” [Derby] The area is almost all of the present towns of Milford, Orange and part of Woodbridge. Other parcels were purchased from the Indians in 1655, 1659, 1660 and 1661.

These men formed the First Church of Milford 22 Aug 1639, while they were still living in New Haven. The government of the future Milford was modeled after that of New Haven. They believed that the scriptures should govern man, his church and his state, voting and office holding were confined to members of the church.

In the late summer or early autumn, the followers of Rev. Peter Prudden and their families moved to their new lands, where they would spend many years creating civilization in a new raw land.

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