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This is the base category for Military and War. It is intended as a roll up category for other categories that identify the armed forces of a country, or categories that deal with overall military concepts. No individual profiles should be added here.

This path follows the military structure, i.e. the war was fought by what country:

Country Armed Forces
Service branches
Peacetime/Service branch wars

You can find a list of all wars here: wars

To follow the country structure, go to:

Category: Military History
Country Military History
Peacetime/Country Wars
Service Branches

See Roll of Honor for subcategories and the structure for: Killed in Action (KIA), Prisoners of War (POW), Missing in Action (MIA), Wounded in Action (WIA), Died of Wounds (DOW), Died While Prisoner of War (DPW), Died of Disease | Died of Disease (DOD), Died in Military Service (DMS).

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