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This category is the main category for Military History.

This path follows the country structure:

Military History
Country Military History
Peacetime/Country Wars
Service Branches

To follow the military structure, go to

Category: Military
Country Armed Forces
Service branches
Peacetime/Service branch wars

This category is the top of the English-language category hierarchy for military history. You can browse all categories relating to military history in the English language by drilling-down through the sub-categories below.

The primary breakdown is by country. Once into a country the primary breakdown is by war/conflict. Each country will have a <country> Military History category. This provides an entry point that deals with only the military aspect of its history. If the link is made to the <country> History category, when reports are made intending to show results for military and war, it will show everything for that country, locations, cemeteries, etc.

Subcategory Disambiguation

  • Category: Wars contains categories for wars divided into time spans e.g. Category: Wars 1000-1499; Category: Wars 1500-1799; this also identifies battles, sieges, etc that are not part of an overall war. Most of these categories are stubs, profiles can be added to them, and at a later date, they can be expanded to have the "normal" ones, and profiles would then be moved to the appropriate place in the tree.

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How to create a new <country> Military History

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