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Miner Pedigree Fraud. First published 1859 New England Historical and Genealogical Register 13:161. “PEDIGREE OF MINER. An Herauldical Essay Upon the Surname of Miner.” at

From at least 1859, and perhaps earlier, descendants of Lt. Thomas Minor have accepted a pedigree and arms starting with the armigerous Henry who died in 1359. On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of Thomas’ departure for America, a group of descendants placed a plaque in St. Andrews Church where Thomas was baptised. His coat of arms was to be placed above the plaque, but proceedings were held up pending approval by the bishop who wished to obtain the usual search and recommendation by the College of Arms. Search by the College of Arms was unable to find references to Miners of Chew in any of the Herald’s visits. Subsequent study by historians and genealogists, has proved most of the pedigree to be untrue.

Publication of the truth -- Miner, John A. and Robert F. Miner, The Curious Pedigree of Lt Thomas Miner New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol 138 pages 182 - 185, (1984) link at American Ancestors

Person Profiles (38)


abt 1320 England - 1359


1415 Staughton, Huntingdonshire, England
abt 1390 England




abt 1485 Frolibay, England
1410 St. Martins, Middlesex, England
1437 St. Martin's, Middlesex, England
1320 England
abt 1345 England
abt 1370 Wiltshire, England


1458 England
abt 1564 Chew Magna, Somerset, England - 31 Mar 1640
bef 23 Nov 1600 Chew Magna, Somerset, England - aft 04 Dec 1640

M cont.

Chew Magna, Somerset, , England - 1640
abt 1345 England
1458 England
abt 1345 Somerset, England
1415 Somerset, England

M cont.

1436 Chew Magna, Somerset, England - 1480
bef 1550 England
23 Apr 1608 Chew Magna, Somerset, England - 23 Oct 1690 photo
abt 1395 Somerset, England
aft 1501 Chew Magna, Somerset, England - bef 23 Feb 1585
1475 England
abt 1360 England
bef 1535 Chew Magna, Somerset, England - bef 15 Nov 1573


abt 1599 Somerset, England


abt 1550 England

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