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Roll of Honor Project: Missing in Action

Honoring yesterdays War Heroes Today!

  • Serving honorably in the military is a great sacrifice no matter which country you fight for. Some of those veterans, past and present, have been labeled as Missing in Action. Too many have never returned home. Regardless of the country they served, each and every one should be honored.
  • If you know any that have been labeled as such, feel free to add their profile to this category if you do not know the specific war. If you know the war then please select the war category to use on your profile.

Please cite some sources as to that status, as this is an Honor Roll of those who have made some of the largest sacrifices for their country: The title "MIA" is not to be given by hearsay or uneducated guessing. It is a title of great honor and should be documented.

Profiles listed in this category will be validated. Those with no source documentation showing why this honor was bestowed will be removed.

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01 Aug 1921 Jefferson, Greene, Iowa - 16 Aug 1943 photo

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