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Moseley is an English location surname, found primarily in the English counties of Lancashire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Leicestershire. The meaning has been translated as 'Mul's island or 'Mus-leah', or 'mouse-wood.'
Location surnames were generally associated with the population of certain villages and/or the local lord, with those moving away often retaining the surname.
Before English spelling was standardized, the same name could be spelled various ways. Over time, names spellings can be changed by individuals, by misspellings on official documents, often being simplified in pronunciation.
There is a Moseley DNA study at Family Tree DNA.
If you haven't found them yet there are two massive "MOSELEY" databases compiled by the late Warren ("Tuck") Forsythe on Rootsweb. The first one deals with the descendants of William MOSELEY (1605/6 - 1655) who came to Lower Norfolk, VA, in 1649 (see The second one deals with US-based MOSELEY's of all other origins (see These two databases evolved from the two earlier books on the MOSELEY families created by Forsythe and his collaborators and published in 2000. Alas, Tuck Forsythe died in 2017 and so his Rootsweb database is now "static" since his death. These two databases are FREE.
If you have access to Ancestry (which isn't free), you can also look people up on the site entitled "The earliest MOSLEYs and MOSELEYs in the Americas" (see which deals with MOSELEYs, MOSLEYs, MOSELYs. MOZLEYs, and related, linked spellings who came to or were born in America between c. 1600 and 1850. It currently contains information on > 3,000 MOSELEYs and their close relatives in North America within the above time frame. It is expected to evolve significantly from 2018 to about 2022 (by which time most of the primary goals for development of that site will be complete).

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1930s Privacy Level: Private (Red) photo
abt 1846
23 Nov 1890 South Dakota, United States - Apr 1972
24 Dec 1895 Georgia, USA - 07 Jun 1967 photo
abt 1849 - 1929 photo
abt 1829 - aft 1880 photo
abt 1715 Norfolk, Virginia Colony - aft 1741
Oct 1840 Emanuel County, Georgia, United States - 1903
abt 1868 Georgia, USA

M cont.

abt 1832
08 Nov 1877 Emanuel County, Georgia, USA - 17 Sep 1953
23 Apr 1903 Emanuel County, Georgia, USA - 23 Mar 1977
abt 1838
abt May 1870 Emanuel County, Georgia, USA - 01 Oct 1962 photo
25 Aug 1914 McKinney, Collin, Texas, United States - 12 Feb 2011 photo
14 Nov 1844 Wandsworth, London, England - 10 Nov 1891 photo
09 Jul 1801 England - 20 Jan 1872
14 Sep 1882 Paney, Missouri - 09 Nov 1955
06 Nov 1872 Georgia, USA - 17 Aug 1964

M cont.

24 Dec 1804 Georgia, USA - 29 Oct 1894 photo
23 Mar 1880 Georgia, USA - 28 Nov 1918 photo
20 May 1837 Emanuel, Georgia, United States - 04 Oct 1926
abt 1690 Essex, Virginia - abt 1734
16 Apr 1873 - 31 Dec 1947
abt 1826
22 Feb 1905 Cobbtown, Tattnall, Georgia, United States - 04 Oct 1993
abt 1846 - aft 1880
08 Mar 1878 Emanuel County, Georgia, USA - 29 Jun 1947 photo
01 Apr 1880 Georgia, USA - 1937

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