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Nantucket was granted to Thomas Mayhew in 1641. In 1659 Mayhew sold an interest in the island to nine other purchasers, reserving 1/10th of an interest for himself “for the sum of thirty pounds…and also two beaver hats, one for myself, and one for my wife.”

Each of the ten original owners was allowed to invite one partner. There is some confusion about the identity of the first twenty owners, partly because William Pile didn’t choose a partner, and sold his interest to Richard Swain, which was eventually divided between John Bishop and the children of George Bunker.

The founders included: - Tristram Coffin Sr. - Thomas Macy - Richard Swain - Thomas Barnard - Peter Coffin - Stephen Greenleaf - John Swain - William Pile - Christopher Hussy

The ten partners were: - John Smith - Nathaniel Starbuck - Edward Starbuck - Thomas Look - Robert Barnard - James Coffin - Tristram Coffin Jr. - Thomas Coleman - (sold his interest to Richard Swain) - Robert Pike

You can read a brief history of Nantucket here.

Timeline of Nantucket: here

Wikipedia article on Nantucket is located here

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