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Former name of NCTS Guam (archived page)

NAVCAMS WESTPAC is designated as the Area Master Station for the Western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean Areas. As the Area Master Station, NAVCAMS WESTPAC has been developed as a fully automated area station and is the primary area keying station for the Western Pacific area. The station will also be a nodal station for GAPFILLER, Fleet Satellite Communications (FLTSATCOM), Lease Satellite (LEASAT), and Defense Communications System (DCS). In support of the DCS, NAVCAMS WESTPAC also provides long haul point-to-point communications services for all Defense agencies on the island of Guam. ("NAVCAMS WESTPAC Guam, Mariana Islands, Final: Master Plan." Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Pacific Division. 1986)

Formerly named: Naval Communications Station, Dededo, Guam

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