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Needs Profiles Created

This category exists as a way of noting profiles that have sources for family members who do not yet have profiles on WikiTree. Please use it to mark profiles when you have found a source (such as a census record) that applies to multiple people, including people who don't have profiles on WikiTree. That way, if you come across a situation like that when you're working on something else, you can add the profile to this category so that you (or another WikiTree member) can come back later and add profiles for the other people listed in the source. You may also find it useful if you are trying to connect an unconnected branch on WikiTree, if the person whose profile you're working on connecting isn't already on WikiTree, you may find that they are listed among these sourced, but not-yet-added, people.

To add the category to a profile, copy the following code, paste it at the top of the edit box before the == Biography == line, and save your changes. (Note: the category will not show up if you click the Preview button line.)

[[Category:Needs Profiles Created]]

You can also add to a sub-category for convenience like this:

[[Category:Montana, Needs Profiles Created]]

Once you have created profiles for all the people listed on all the sources listed on the profile be sure to remove the category from the profile to avoid duplication of effort.

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