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If you're a Newg (New to Genealogy) see How to Get Started with Genealogy.

If you're a Newt (New to WikiTree) the pages below will introduce you to different aspects of WikiTree. We recommend following them in this order:

"Take your time.  There is a lot to learn and you don't have to do it all at once.  In fact, you don't have to do all of it ever, because collaboration means there are dozens of people to do the parts you don't do."— WikiTreer Herbert Tardy
  • How-To #1: Start Climbing Our Tree
    For new members. This How-To gives 10 introductory tasks to help you become familiar with WikiTree.
  • How-To #2: Edit a Profile
    By now you've figured out the basics of creating profiles. This How-To explains how to edit all the various elements.
  • How-To #3: Join in the Community
    There's more to WikiTree than just your branches. This How-To gives several ways you can get more involved in our fun, friendly community.
  • How-To #4: Be a Successful WikiTreer
    By now you've probably crossed paths with other members. Collaboration is what WikiTree is all about, but working with others isn't always easy. This How-To lists 10 ways you can be a Wonderful WikiTreer.
  • How-To #5: Manage Your Watchlist
    This tutorial covers tools for managing the profiles on your Watchlist: following changes, finding duplicates, seeing where your help is needed, etc.
  • How-To #6: Dig a Little Deeper
    The final How-To covers some advanced features and functions such as categorization, RootsSearch, and suggestion reports.

If you've taken a DNA test or are considering it, also see:

For a video introduction, see Leanne Cooper's Welcome to WikiTree series on YouTube.

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