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If you're a Newg (New to Genealogy) see How to Get Started with Genealogy.

If you're a Newt (New to WikiTree) the pages below will introduce you to different aspects of WikiTree. We recommend following them in this order:

  • How-To #1: Start Climbing Our Tree
    For new members. This How-To gives 10 introductory tasks to help you become familiar with WikiTree.
  • How-To #2: Edit a Profile
    By now you've figured out the basics of creating profiles. This How-To explains how to edit all the various elements.
  • How-To #3: Manage Your Watchlist
    This tutorial covers tools for managing the profiles on your Watchlist: following changes, finding duplicates, seeing where your help is needed, etc.
  • How-To #4: Dig a Little Deeper
    This How-To covers some advanced features and functions such as categorization, RootsSearch, and suggestion reports.
  • How-To #5: Join in the Community
    There's more to WikiTree than just your branches. This How-To gives several ways you can get more involved in our fun, friendly community.
  • How-To #6: Be a Successful WikiTreer
    By now you've probably crossed paths with other members. Collaboration is what WikiTree is all about, but working with others isn't always easy. This How-To lists 10 ways you can be a Wonderful WikiTreer.

If you've taken a DNA test or are considering it, also see:

For a video introduction, see Leanne Cooper's Welcome to WikiTree series on YouTube.

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