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Person Profiles (8)

06 Aug 1712 Raritan, Somerset County, Province of New Jersey - 1780
abt 29 Apr 1620 Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, Artois (Pas de Calais), France - 01 Feb 1687
1623 Hooksiel, Grafschaft Oldenburg, Heiliges Römisches Reich - abt 1697 photo
1598 Wolfstein, Kurfürstentum Pfalz, Heiliges Römisches Reich - 09 Sep 1676
21 Jul 1652 New Amsterdam, New Netherland - bef 16 Nov 1730
abt 1637 England - bef 01 Apr 1699
abt 1841 Hanover, Virginia, United States
1670 New York, Province of New York - Aug 1725

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