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The definition of a New Netherland Settler is very specific to lineage societies. In short:

WikiTree Category Definitions

The New Netherland Settlers Project in WikiTree recognizes 24 Oct 1674, the date that the Treaty of Westminster (1674) took effect in North America and the Dutch turned over New Netherland to the English, as the cutoff date for New Netherland. People who were born in or resided in the lands defined as New Netherland or lands that became New Netherland prior to that cutoff date, may be categorized as New Netherland Settlers.

In WikiTree, children and later descendants of New Netherland Settlers born after 24 October 1674 and before 1776 may be categorized as New Netherland Descendants 1674-1776.

Additionally, the New Netherland Community category may be used for people who do not fit the definitions of "Settler" or "Descendant" but either (1) were in the New Netherland area by 1700 and apparently were absorbed into the New Netherland culture (for example, British soldiers and Huguenots who arrived and settled in the area between 1674 and 1700) or (2) were important to the history of New Netherland (for example, some officials of the Dutch West India Company who never settled in New Netherland).

An important note: Dutch nationality is not a requirement for being defined as a New Netherland Settler.

New Netherland Settlers Template and Sticker

The New Netherland Settlers template designates profiles of New Netherland Settlers that are managed by the New Netherland Settlers Project:

The Prince's Flag.
... ... ... was a New Netherland settler.
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|To place this template on a profile (and add the profile to this category), insert the following text on the profile above the Biography heading: {{New Netherland Settler}}

Profiles of New Netherland Settlers that are not managed by the project (for example, profiles of people who settled in New England during the Puritan Great Migration and subsequently moved to New Netherland) may display the New Netherland Settler sticker shown below, to the right:

... ... ... was a New Netherland settler.

To place this sticker on a profile (and add the profile to this category), insert the following text on the profile somewhere below the Biography heading: {{New Netherland Settler Sticker}}

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