Category: New Zealand, Corney Name Study

Categories: Corney Name Study

Corneys in New Zealand

Corneys that have been Born, Lived, Married, Died etc in New Zealand

This Sub-Category of the Corney Name Study has been then Sub-Categorised again into the 16 Regions (As is used on WikiTree) and then down to Areas/Towns
These Geographic Locations are those that are recorded on their source record/s or have been added to align them with their Parents/Siblings/Spouses & Children or to align them with a location that best matches with where it is know-by today.
These Locations may not align their location within the Historic or Administrative Provinces/Regions, Towns/Areas as they are known today.

If you would like to add a Corney in New Zealand to this One Name Study but your not sure where to put them into a sub-category, then just put this code at the top of their biography - [[Category:Uncategorised, New Zealand, Corney Name Study]] and we will get to them and try to find them a home.

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Living Corney

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