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Nisbet of that Ilk

Nisbet of that Ilk arms

Nisbet of Nisbet in Berwickshire. It is unknown if the branch originated in England, or whether they first came from Scotland.

Clan Chief line

  • Adam fl 1480
    • Phillip Nisbet 1444 married Elene Rutherfuird
      • Adam Nisbet + 1530 married Lucie Rutherfurd
        • Philip Nisbet + bef 1535 married Nov 1524, Mariota Hoppringill,
          • George Nisbet +14 Jan 1600 married ca 1551 Elizabeth Cranstoun
            • Sir Philip Nisbet married ca 1581/2 Elizabeth Haldane
              • Rev Philip Nisbet St Martins Micklegate York married ca 1616 Elizabeth Hoyle
                • Thomas Nisbet 1621-1694 merchant London married 1649 Isabell Chomley
                  • Thomas Nisbet 1662-1737 married Elizabeth Horsnail +ca 1695 remarried 1700-1 Priscilla Rawlins
                    • Samuel Nisbet1706-1767 married 1743 Susanna Purkiss
                      • Samuel Nisbet 1753-1838 married 1790 Penelope Rogers
                        • Pearce Rogers Nesbitt 1803-1888 married 1833 Elizabeth Drewe remarried 1836 Arabella Smith
                          • Robert Henry Nesbitt 1840-1881 married 1868 Emma Chancellor
                            • Robert Chancellor 17 Nov 1868-27 Jan 1944 married 1895 Lilian Mary Ellis


Almost all branches have been said to be related before DNA, but DNA has proven this to be wrong.

  • Nisbet of that Ilk and Nisbet of Greenholm - last common ancestor shared with Nisbet of that Ilk rough estimate ca. 3155 BC (3898 BC—2568 BC)-so not a cadet branch of Nisbet of that Ilk, as claimed.

Branch Y-DNA

Probably R-M269, R-P312 R-DF19 R-Z302 and most likely R-Z43691

R-Z43691 defines an ancestor of Nisbet of that Ilk and related branches

RELATED BRANCHES Probably R-M269, R-P312 R-DF19 R-Z302 and most likely R-Z43691

R-BY19316 defines a known branch split for a group in Ireland-waiting for updated information and time estimate

Nisbet of that Ilk R-Z43691

  • R-BY19316 one know branch split-waiting for updated information and time estimate.


  • Barony of Nisbet
    • 1561 "David Makgill, acquired the barony of Nisbet, of which he had a charter 1561, also of the lands of Cranstoun Riddell in the county of Edinburgh..David Makgill Sr..

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