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Timeframe:(1991 - Present)
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Odessa Oblast (also known as Odessa Oblast; Ukrainian: Одеська область, Odes’ka oblast’, Russian: Одесская область, Odesskaya oblast’, Bulgarian Одеска област) is an oblast (province) of southwestern Ukraine, located along the northern coast of the Black Sea. Its administrative center is the city of Odessa (Ukrainian: Одеса, romanized: Odesa). [1]

  • -1917: Russian Empire Kherson Governorate, Podolia Governorate
  • 1917-1920: Ukrainian People's Republic
  • 1922-1941: USSR
  • 1941-1944: Nazi Germany Occupation (Reichskomissariat Ukraine)
  • 1945-1991: USSR

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30 Nov 1895 Odessa, Russian Empire - 25 Sep 1968 photo
10 Jul 1871 Orel, Odessa, Russia - abt 1959 photo

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