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This is the companion category for the Oelklaus Name Study and includes other spelling variations. To add this category to a profile, you can add the One Name Study template (which will add the category automatically).

This profile is part of the Oelklaus Name Study.

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abt 1780 Westfalen, Prussia


abt 1780 Westfalen, Prussia
03 Jan 1803 Lengerich, Westfalen, Prussia
1841 Lengerich, Westfalen, Prussia
1820 Westfalen, Prussia
06 Aug 1869 Lengerich, Westfalen, Prussia
abt 1845 Westfalen, Prussia

O cont.

25 Jan 1869 Lengerich, Westfalen, Prussia
1841 Missouri, USA
1832 Preu├čen, Prussia
1844 Missouri, USA
1847 Prussia - 29 Sep 1894
1850 Missouri, USA
1839 Missouri, USA

O cont.

1823 Prussia
31 Dec 1870 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA - 02 Aug 1942
1805 Prussia



abt 1845 Westfalen, Prussia

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