Category: Ohio, Adams Name Study

Categories: United States, Adams Name Study

This is a subcategory of the Adams Name Study.

This category is for individuals who were born, died, married or proven residence in the state of Ohio in the United States of America.
Please add the picture link to the Adams Name Study to any profile of individuals that were born in the state of Ohio:

{{One Name Study|name=Adams|category=Ohio, Adams Name Study}}

This results in adding the One Name Study graphic link for the Adams Name Study and the Category for the Ohio, Adams Name Study to the profile.
Additional states can be listed as another category

[[Category:Ohio, Adams Name Study]]

this code will just add the category for the Ohio, Adams Name Study to the profile.

Person Profiles (9)

05 Dec 1918 Kittrell, Vance, North Carolina, United States - 13 Jan 2002 photo
25 Dec 1762 Sussex, Sussex, New Jersey - 25 Apr 1835
1827 Delaware Co., Ohio - 25 Aug 1834
19 Mar 1822 Harlem, Delaware County, Ohio, USA - 25 Sep 1842
1798 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States - 15 Sep 1835
07 Feb 1828 Ohio, United States
02 Apr 1824 Harlem Township, Delaware, Ohio, United States - 06 Jan 1908
05 Jun 1831 - 1898

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