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En Français Ordre de la Libération

The Order of Liberation (French: "Ordre de la Libération") is a French Order which was awarded to heroes of the Liberation of France during World War II. It is a very high honour, second only after the Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour). Very few people, military units and communes were ever awarded it; and only for their deeds during World War II. A different order, the Médaille de la Résistance ("Resistance Medal") was created and awarded for lesser but still distinguished deeds by members of the Resistance.

The Order has a single rank, the title of Companion of the Liberation (Compagnon de la Libération). General de Gaulle, founder of the Order, was the only Grand Maître (“Grand Master”) of the Order.

Military units as a whole have been awarded the title of Compagnon de la Libération.

On June 18, 1996, at Mont Valérien, the 18 military units which had been awarded the Cross of Liberation were given a green and black fourragère by President Jacques Chirac.

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