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Please use one of the categories listed below. The Order of Merit (Spanish: Orden del Mérito) is a Chilean military order and was created in 1929. Succeeding the Medal of the Merit, it was created during the term of the President Germán Riesco through the Minister of War decree No. 1350 on September 4, 1906. This new national distinction was created to recognize the meritorious service provided by foreign military personnel to Chilean officials.

The first 200 military medals were minted in gold and silver, giving them the title of First and Second Class. They were minted at the Casa de la Moneda, having a tricolor ribbon. The order had three classes: First Class, Second Class, and Third Class; but later a new class was added (Grand Officer) that would be awarded to heads of state. In 1925, all the classes were renamed to:

The order is only awarded to foreigners.

See Wikipedia:Order_of_Merit_(Chile)

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