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Medjidie or Mejidie (Turkish: Mecidiye Nişanı, August 29, 1852 – 1922) is the name of a military and knightly order of the Ottoman Empire. The Order was instituted in 1851 by Sultan Abdülmecid I.

Instituted in 1851, the Order was awarded in five classes, with the First Class being the highest. The Order was issued in considerable numbers by Sultan Abdülmecid as a reward for distinguished service to members of the British Army and the Royal Navy and the French Army who came to the aid of the Ottoman Empire during the Crimean War against Russia. In Britain it was worn after any British gallantry and campaign medals awarded, but before the Turkish Crimean War medal. The Order was usually conferred on officers but a few enlisted soldiers also received it in a lower class. During World War I it was also awarded to a number of German and Austrian officers.

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bef 20 May 1808 Kent, England - 08 Jun 1888 photo
24 Dec 1797 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England - 17 Oct 1895 photo
abt 1812 - 01 Feb 1867

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