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Folks from the Orkney Islands in Scotland impacted the exploration and settlement of Canada by Europeans heavily, particularly through their close connections to the Hudson’s Bay Company. From the beginning, the men of Orkney played critical roles in the company. Ships arrived in Stromness, Orkney annually with goods from England to take on additional supplies, hire new workers to five-year contracts, and pick up news and parcels from families of existing workers. Orcadians understood short winter days and long winter nights. If the climate was harsh, well, Orkneymen were used to it. If the work was tough, they were used to that as well. Soon they accounted for 80% of the workers.In 1799 of the 530 men working in the Hudson’s Bay Company post in North America, 416 were from Orkney.


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  • John Ballenden abt 1755 Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland - 23 May 1817






  • John Rae 26 Oct 1772 Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland - 2 Oct 1834
  • John Rae FRS FRGS 30 Sep 1813 Orphir, Orkney, Scotland - 22 Jul 1893

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