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Palatine Migrants are people who emigrated from Germany beginning after 1700 and through succeeding decades, settling in England, Ireland, and England's colonies in North America. Although the first "Palatine" emigrants were primarily from the Palatinate (Pfalz) region in Germany, others were included (such as German Swiss and German-language speakers from Alsace), and in America the term "Palatine" became associated with all German-speaking immigrants.

Profiles in this category represent German-speaking people who emigrated from continental Europe or arrived as immigrants in other regions (this may include children born during their family's migration) in the era of "Palatine" migration, 1700 to 1776.

The template {{Palatine Migration}} on a profile places that profile into this category.

Who Doesn't Fit in this Category?

Not everyone who left Germany during the 1700-1776 time period was considered to be a "Palatine" migrant. Specific groups that are not in the scope of the WikiTree Palatine migration project include:

  • "Donauschwaben" - These German-speaking people who settled in and around the Danube River in southeastern and central Europe in several waves through the 18th and 19th centuries are covered in Category: Donauschwaben.
  • Emigrants to the Germanna Colonies in Virginia. However, Germanna colony settlers who first arrived in America on Palatine ships (for example, ships landing in Philadelphia) and later went to the Germanna colonies will fit in both this category and the Germanna Colonies category.
  • German Coast settlers in Louisiana appear to be a distinct group that arrived in Louisiana around the 1720s. See Category:German_Coast_Settlers.
  • Hessian soldiers who fought as mercenaries on the British side in the American Revolution and remained in America as settlers. They are in the scope of the German Roots project. There is no dedicated subproject as yet.
  • Volga Germans - See Category: Volga German Project.

Project scope in relation to other specific groups may be discussed on the Palatine Migration Project Bulletin Board.

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