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Pamlicoe Adventure

In 1704 a sloop, The Pamlico Adventure, was seized at Pamlico for breaking bulk before entry. A petition from the master of the sloop was forwarded to Robert Daniel, the deputy governor of the province, asking that a court of admiralty be called to try his case.[1]

"Levi Trewit, original owner of Blackbeard's Sloop Adventure."
"His sloop, the Adventure, was captured by Royal soldiers after his ship participated in Carey's rebellion. It is believed that this ship is the same ship Black Beard captured in the Bay of Honduras several years later. The British noted this ship "Adventure" had been impounded and placed into service in the Carribean for the Royal Navy, and later captured by Black Beard and pressed into service, and added to Black Beards growing fleet." -- Family Legends of Levi Trewit

Shortly after blockading Charleston harbor in May 1718, and refusing to accept the Governor's offer of a pardon, Blackbeard ran Queen Anne's Revenge aground while entering Beaufort Inlet. He disbanded his flotilla and escaped by transferring supplies onto a smaller ship, the Adventure.[1]

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