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The Patriotic Order Sons of America founded in 1847 is one of America's oldest patriotic and fraternal societies still in existence. We invite all native-born or naturalized American male citizens, 16 years and older, who believe in their country and its institutions, who desire to perpetuate free government, and who wish to encourage a brotherly feeling among Americans, to the end that we may exalt our country, to join with us in our work of fellowship and love. The Patriotic Order Sons of America was organized December 10, 1847 to preserve the Public School System, The Constitution of the United States, and our American way of life. It was incorporated by an Act of the Pennsylvania State Legislature, February 27, 1867.

"Next to love for the Creator, we believe that Patriotism is one of the highest and noblest affections of the human soul."

Our Motto: God, Our Country, Our Order

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Person Profiles (9)

07 Dec 1881 York, Pennsylvania, United States - 29 Apr 1933
17 Oct 1863 Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States - 01 Dec 1942
05 Dec 1845 Pennsylvania, United States - 10 Jul 1916
16 Oct 1866 Annville, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States - 17 Feb 1933 photo
1849 Virginia, United States - 02 Dec 1887 photo
27 Feb 1864 Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States - 09 Jun 1933
22 Mar 1847 Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States - 29 Jan 1926 photo
12 Nov 1874 Nordmont, Laporte Township, Sullivan, Pennsylvania, United States - abt 28 Feb 1935
05 Jan 1875 Mountain Top, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States - 11 May 1921 photo

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