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Pippinid Dynasty

The Pippinids or Arnulfings are the members of a family of Frankish nobles whose select scions served as Mayor of the Palace, de facto rulers, of the Frankish kingdoms of Neustria and Austrasia that were nominally ruled by the Merovingians.

The dynasty is usually considered to have been founded by Saint Arnulf, bishop of Metz in the early seventh century, who wielded a great deal of power and influence in the Merovingian kingdoms.

His son Ansegisel married Saint Begga, the daughter of Pepin of Landen, and their son was Pepin of Heristal. It is from Pepin's grandfathers that the dynasty receives its earlier (pre-Martel) names: Arnulfing or Pippinid.

The mayoralty of the palace of the kingdom of Austrasia began in the family with Ansegisel and continued with Pepin of Heristal. Pepin conquered Neustria at the Battle of Tertry in 687 and spread Arnulfing authority over all the Franks.

The dynasty effectively ended with the death of Pepin, who was succeeded by his illegitimate son, Charles Martel. Pepin had legitimate grandsons at his death, but they failed to win power, and the line died out.

Charles Martel went on to found a new line of the family, which historians named the Carolingian dynasty after Martel.

Person Profiles (12)

0555 Landen, Liege, Belgium - 17 Mar 0645
abt 0720 Laon, Austrasia - abt 12 Jul 0783
02 Jun 0613 Landon, Liège, Belgium - 17 Dec 0693
abt 0553 Of, Landen, Liege, Belgium - 0645
23 Aug 0676 fränkisches Reich, Austrasien - 22 Oct 0741 photo
bef 0656 - aft 0661
abt 0626 Landen, Liege, Belgium - 17 Mar 0659 photo
abt 0715 Jupille-sur-Meuse, Liege, Wallonia, Belgium - 24 Sep 0768 photo
bef 0580 - 0640
abt 0639 - 23 Nov 0669
abt 0592 Frankish Empire - 0652 photo

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