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Popes with Children

Saint Peter (Simon Peter).

  • Clement of Alexandria notes that "Peter and Philip begat children."
  • In some legends dating from at least the 6th century, Peter's daughter is Saint Petronilla.

Pope St. Hormisdas (514–523)

  • married and widowed before he took Holy Orders
  • father of Pope St. Silverius.

Pope Adrian II (867–872)

  • married to Stephania, and had a daughter.
  • wife and daughter resided with him in the Lateran Palace. They were murdered by Eleutherius, brother of Anastasius Bibliothecarius, the Church's chief librarian.

Pope Sergius III (904–911)

  • accused of being the illegitimate father of Pope John XI by Marozia.
family tree
family tree

Pope John X (914–928)

Pope John XVII (1003)

  • married
  • 3 sons: all priests.

Pope Clement IV (1265–1268)

  • married
  • 2 dau: both entered a convent.

Pope Pius II (1458–1464)

  • at least 2 illegitimate children, one in Strasbourg and one in Scotland, both born before he entered the clergy.

Pope Innocent VIII (1484–1492)

  • 2 illegitimate children during his youth, both born before he entered the clergy.
  • married off elder son Franceschetto Cybo to dau. of Lorenzo de' Medici, who in return obtained the cardinal's hat for his thirteen-year-old son Giovanni, later Pope Leo X.

Pope Alexander VI (1492–1503)

  • affair with Vannozza dei Cattanei. Issue: illegitimate children Cesare, Giovanni Borgia, Gioffre Borgia, and Lucrezia.
  • later mistress, Giulia Farnese, gave birth to dau. (Laura)
  • Alexander fathered at least 7, and possibly as many as 10 illegitimate children
  • appointed Giovanni Borgia as Captain General of the Church
  • made Cesare a Cardinal of the Church

Pope Julius II (1503–1513)

  • 3 illegitimate dau., including Felice della Rovere (b. 1483).

Pope Clement VII (1523–1534)

  • 1 illegitimate son: Alessandro de' Medici, Duke of Florence.

Pope Paul III (1534–1549)

  • 4 illegitimate children (3 sons and 1 dau) by mistress Silvia Ruffin, broke his relations with her ca. 1513.
  • made his illegitimate son Pier Luigi Farnese the first Duke of Parma.

Pope Gregory XIII (1572–1585)

  • affair with Maddalena Fulchini resulted in birth of son, Giacomo Boncompagni in 1548.
  • Giacomo remained illegitimate but his father later appointed him Gonfalonier of the Church, governor of the Castel Sant'Angelo, as well as governor of Fermo.

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