Category: Preemptive Brickwall

Categories: Fictitious and Legendary Genealogy

Profiles in this category are beset with fake ancestral claims from the multitude of online trees that rely on fictitious and legendary ancestry claims rather than evidence. All mechanisms available to Wikitree need to be marshaled against the specter of merges that create such fictitious connections in the Wikitree.

There are Projects at Wikitree that use PPP oversight protection for their profiles against inevitable creeping inaccuracies. But most our profiles are not covered by specific projects and so remain vulnerable.

This category is in lieu of a hypothetical Brickwall Project that could use PPP power to protect vulnerable profiles. Profile managers can use this category to help raise awareness of the ancestral issues identified.

A profile utilizing this category will have a heading ==Origin Controversy==, which will list known fakes and demonstrate that each such claim is not confirmed via Wikitree evidence standards.

If evidence ever materializes supporting assigned ancestry for a profile in this category, the profile should be removed from the category.

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abt 1690 England - 1763
abt 1702 Barnstable, Massachusetts Bay Colony - 12 Jun 1780
abt 1720 New York - bef 1766

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