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Present day Prince Edward Island was named Île Saint-Jean when it was a part of Acadie. The British claimed it as part of Nova Scotia when the French gave up control of it in 1763. It was renamed St. John's Island, and split into a separate colony in 1769. In 1798 it was renamed Prince Edward Island Colony. Prince Edward Island confederated with Canada in 1873. See the Atlantic Canada History Page for a more complete description of Atlantic Canada historical place names.

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Map of Lots of Prince Edward Island

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1802 County Monaghan, Ireland - 01 Dec 1860
03 Apr 1873 Prince Edward Island, Canada - 11 Mar 1966
1880 Prince Edward Island, Canada
18 Oct 1876 Prince Edward Island, Canada - 27 Aug 1918
abt 1871 Prince Edward Island, Canada
02 Feb 1883 Prince Edward Island, Canada - abt 11 Jul 1962
07 Dec 1884 Prince Edward Island, Canada - 1983
abt May 1881 Prince Edward Island, Canada - 1971
01 Apr 1892 Harwich, Essex, England, United Kingdom - 18 Apr 1973
- Jul 1845
14 Dec 1846 Ontario, Canada - 24 Jan 1933
20 May 1848 Prince Edward Island - 25 Feb 1909
15 Jun 1846 Vernon River (in Lot 49), Queens County, Prince Edward Island - 30 Dec 1923
27 Sep 1857 Prince Edward Island, Canada - 22 Mar 1936

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