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This is a mid-level category. Profiles should be added to the narrowest category possible, but may be placed here when further information is not known. See How to Categorize.

Please do not apply this tag to any profile unless you are a Profile Manager for that profile.

This category (or, more precisely, the subcategories under it) is for profile managers to tag those profiles where they would welcome additional sources to those that they have already found and put up on the profiles that they manage. It's not quite the same as the Unsourced Profiles category, because profiles can be added to this category if they already have one or more sources, but the profile manager believes that there are (or might be) other records out there that they just haven't found yet. Please add a Research Note identifying types of records needed.

If you are a profile manager, and you would welcome more sources on a profile, please add a "Profiles With Incomplete Sourcing - Country" tag to that profile. (And, if that country's "Profiles With Incomplete Sourcing - Country" category doesn't already exist, please tag that new category with the "Profiles With Incomplete Sourcing" tag so that it will show up on this category.)

If you are a Sourcerer, and you find a profile with the "Profiles With Incomplete Sourcing - Country" tag, feel free to add any sources you find which corroborate the data already on the profile. You already have permission to do that, as evidenced by the presence of the tag. If you find a source which appears to contradict the data already on the profile, please send the Profile Manager for that profile a private message, so you can work out between you whether the data on the profile needs to be corrected, or whether the source turns out to apply to somebody else with the same (or a similar) name. Do not use the Tracker for the Sourcerers' Challenge for profiles from this list.

Note: Please do not apply this tag to any profile unless you are a Profile Manager for that profile. The goal of this tag is to let Sourcerers know that they have a Profile Manager's permission to add sources to a profile without checking with them first. If you think that a profile needs more sources, you can ask the Profile Manager if they're willing to add the tag, but don't add it to profiles you don't manage.

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