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Category:Project Collateral

see also Category:Project Collateral-Prospect

The category flow is Collateral-Prospect >>> Collateral

Note: Any profile placed in this category MUST already have an existing PPP lock. Otherwise, it belongs instead in the starting blue category, Project_Collateral-Prospect.

This green Project Collateral category is for profiles that don't quite fit into existing projects, but each has been reviewed and considered the most appropriate profile to be the final WikiTreeID which duplicates should be merged into, as signified by a green line.

Ideally, that review should be through a G2G discussion linked to the profile. Or it may simply be clarified in Comments or in the profile, by someone with particular expertise. Or it may only have been mutually chosen among the profile managers of the duplicates. This selection is merely intended as a guide, not as a permanent, final decision. When in doubt, start a G2G discussion.

To add a profile to this [[Category:Project Collateral]] and to display a signifying green line to the profile, copy/paste the following template to the top of the profile bio section:

{{Project Collateral}}

This category is flexible. Profiles in this category are protected not under a specific project but because of the likelihood that they will be included in a future project.

This "pseudo-project" category should satisfy the requirement that any PPP profile must have an associated project to which it belongs. So any appropriate uncategorized PPP profiles should be added directly to this category, for that purpose. You should also add a brief line of text above the template to explain the categorization, and to identify the existing collateral project, or a new potential project, with which the profile should be most closely associated.

For more information, contact Steven Mix. To request a PPP lock on an appropriate profile, either notify Steven or contact any Leader.

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