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Project Collateral-Prospect

see also Project Collateral

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This is a holding pen for profiles that may belong to a project but which need to be examined to determine whether and which. Note: This category has become dominated by several thousand profiles of persons who lived in The Netherlands, or what was known as the Seventeen Provinces, before 1700. Therefore, it currently serves as a good hunting ground for the new Dutch Roots project for Dutch language proficient members.

In particular, this category is used to place the overflow of profiles which are only loosely related to the New Netherland Settlers Project, but which extend beyond any of the criteria for any of the categories of that project. For example, these profiles may be siblings of immigrant ancestors, but who never immigrated themselves, or very deep ancestor families of the immigrants in the Netherlands, or those near relations who spread out to other places. It may also include any profiles which simply do not yet have enough information to be properly assigned to the project, or who have problematic tree errors, but are somehow probably closely related to the project.

This category usage is flexible. Any profile that you think may be related to an existing project may be included in this category. The following template will post a blue line and blue explanatory text into the top of the bio section of the profile, and will also add this category to the profile:

{{Project Collateral-Prospect|signature=~~~~}}

See More help on using Project_Collateral-Prospect Template

For more information, contact Steven Mix.

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