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Overzichtspagina van categorieën m.b.t. lopende projecten binnen WikiTree.

WikiTree Project zijn (en worden) gestart om samenwerking tussen vrijwilligers te helpen coördineren. Als je vragen hebt over deze of andere projecten of een idee hebt om er een te starten, neem dan contact op met Lianne Lavoie, de Project Coördinator (Engels) of Martyn Grifhorst (Nederlands).

Projects Projects (Project Articles and Participants - description with quick links. Project page.)

Other Projects - For a list that includes brief descriptions of each project, see this page.

  • Arborists - WikiTreers who want to improve the overall health of our single world WikiTree.
  • Categorization - WikiTreers who want to help manage the Categories and encourage their use.
  • DNA - For those interested in exploring how WikiTree can integrate DNA test results. Project page.
  • Greeters - WikiTreers who welcome new members and confirm volunteers. Project page.
  • Mentors - Wiki Genealogists who help and interact with new members in our community, taking over where the Greeters leave off. Project page.
  • Photo of the Week - Vote for the best photo uploaded to WikiTree in the last week. Project page.
  • Profile of the Week - Nominate and vote for great profiles. Project page.
  • Profile Improvement - WikiTreers who love to make profiles beautiful!
  • Integrators - This project focuses on integrating WikiTree and the Genealogist-2-Genealogist Forum. Project Page

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