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Preceded by Plymouth Council for New England

Succeeded by Massachusetts Bay Colony

Province of New Hampshire, 1629-1641

The Province of New Hampshire is a name first given in 1629 to the territory between the Merrimack and Piscataqua rivers on the eastern coast of North America.

First settled in the 1620s, the province consisted for many years of a small number of communities along the seacoast and the Piscataqua River. In 1641 the communities came under the government of the neighboring Massachusetts Bay Colony, until King Charles II issued a commission to John Cutt as President of New Hampshire in 1679.

Preceded by Massachusetts Bay Colony

Succeeded by the Dominion of New England

Province of New Hampshire,1680-1686 After a brief period as a separate province, the territory was absorbed into the Dominion of New England in 1686. The Dominion collapsed in 1689, and the New Hampshire communities again came under Massachusetts rule until a provincial charter was issued in 1691 by William and Mary.

Preceded by Massachusetts Bay Colony

Succeeded by United States of America

Province of New Hampshire,1689–1776 It was formally organized as an English royal colony on October 7, 1691, during the period of English colonization. The charter was enacted May 14, 1692, by William and Mary, the joint monarchs of England and Scotland, at the same time that the Province of Massachusetts Bay was created. The territory is now the U.S. state of New Hampshire, and was named after the county of Hampshire in southern England by Captain John Mason, its first proprietor.

Between 1699 and 1741 the province's governors were also commissioned as governors of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. In 1741, Benning Wentworth was appointed governor solely of New Hampshire. Wentworth laid claim on behalf of the province to the lands west of the Connecticut River, issuing controversial land grants that were disputed by the Province of New York, which also claimed the territory. These disputes resulted in the eventual formation of the state of Vermont.

From the 1680s until 1760 the province was often on the front lines of military conflicts with New France and the indigenous Abenaki people, seeing major attacks on its communities in King William's War, Dummer's War, and King George's War. The province was at first not strongly in favor of independence, but with the start of the American Revolutionary War, many of its inhabitants joined the revolutionary cause. After Governor John Wentworth fled the province in August 1775, the inhabitants adopted a constitution in early 1776. Independence as part of the United States was confirmed with the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Wikipedia link

The province's economy was dominated by timber and fishing. The timber trade, although lucrative, was a subject of conflict with the crown, which sought to reserve the best trees for use as ship masts. Although the Puritan leaders of Massachusetts ruled the province for many years, its population was more religiously diverse, originating in part in its early years with refugees from opposition to religious differences in Massachusetts.

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1594 London, England - 13 Jul 1642


05 Aug 1736 Amesbury, Essex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay - 01 Mar 1819
abt 1755 Connecticut, British Colonial America - 26 Jun 1856
30 Apr 1729 Concord, Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay - 23 Aug 1767
03 Jul 1740 East Kingston, New Hampshire - 27 Aug 1807


1617 England - 05 Oct 1652
29 Jan 1736 Plainfield, Province of New Hampshire

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18 Apr 1737 Groton, Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay - 15 Jul 1775


25 Feb 1739 Amesbury, Essex, Province of Massachusetts Bay - abt 27 Apr 1836


11 Aug 1762 Townshend, Province of New Hampshire - abt 1817


28 Aug 1755 Province of New Hampshire - 01 Oct 1839


25 Sep 1661 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, - 03 Jan 1752


abt 1657 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts - 23 Jul 1706


12 Feb 1619 Castle Donington, Leicestershire, England - 27 Apr 1688


28 Jan 1715 Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay - 1775


13 Apr 1676 Portsmouth, New Hampshire - 20 Nov 1725


20 Aug 1722 Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony - 28 Jun 1755

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