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The Puritan Great Migration to New England covers emigration (of Puritans and non-Puritans) to New England during the two decades from 1620 to 1640, after which migration to New England declined sharply for many decades. We use this term here at wikitree to refer to the migration of English settlers, primarily but not exclusively Puritans, to New England who typically came in family groups, seeking freedom from persecution back in England. See Puritanism.

While some Puritans came in the years immediately following the 1620 Mayflower voyage (which brought a group of separatists known as Pilgrims-- they were not Puritans), the first real wave of Puritans and others seeking a new way of life came with Winthrop's Fleet of eleven ships in 1630 delivering 800 passengers to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

From 1630 through 1640 approximately 20,000 colonists came to New England. The immigrants came from every county except Westmoreland, nearly half from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. See also: Great Migration Ships

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