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Name: Queen of the South
Departed:London, England - 2 September 1865
Arrived:Brisbane, Queensland - 8 December 1865
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From THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. (1865, December 16). The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), p. 1 (Supplement to the Brisbane Courier). Retrieved from

THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. The Queen of the South, Black Ball ship, brings an addition of 509 souls to our popula- tion. She sailed from the Downs on the 1st September, and crossed the equator on the 11th October, in longitude 27.35 W. She crossed the meridian of the Cape in latitude 41.28 S., longitude, 18.46 E. on the 7th Novem- ber. Her greatest southing was latitude 46.50, where she encountered heavy hailstorms, with squalls and snow. She rounded Tasmania on the 3rd, and made Cape Moreton on the 8th December. The run from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Moreton was thus made in the short space of 31 days, which is one of the best recorded. The report of Dr. G. J. Wood, Surgeon, is as follows :-Births, 4.-August 27, Mary J. Bol- dero, delivered of a female ; October 27, Hannah Lofthouse, of a female child ; October 28, Mary Sullivan, of a female child ; November 6, Eliza- beth Richards, of a male child. Deaths, 9.— October 8, Margaret Sharpe, 50 years, diarrhoea ; October 17, Evelyn Wymberley, 14 months, diarrhoea, convulsions, dentition ; October 19, Laura Evans, diarrhoea; October 26, Walter Murfitt, 1 year and 3 months, diarrhoea and mesenteric disease ; November 5, Joseph John Frith, 2 years, diarrhoea, con vulsions, dentition ; November 8, Eliza beth Chandler, 2 years, diarrhoea ; Novem- ber 13th, Annie Dryden, pertussis, convulsions, dentition ; November 26, the infant of Eliza- beth Rickards, aged 3 weeks, asphyxia, having been overlaid ; December 9, Sydney Copp, 14 months, pertussis, congestion of the lungs, and diarhoea. Dr. Purdie, the health officer, and Captain Banks, the representative of the Black Ball Line, visited the ship off the Pilot Station on the 9th instant, in the steamer Premier. The whole of the passengers were found in a healthy state, and the ship was admitted to pratique. She came to an anchor in Brisbane roads next day. Of the immigrants, a considerable portion were navvies, there were only two single females on board, the rest being single men and married couples. 100 of the navvies have been forwarded to Ipswich.

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